Getting your home “Rent Ready” is one of the most important steps before moving a prospective tenant in or marketing your home. You want to find quality tenants that are going to take great care of your investment, pay rent on time and minimize any problems throughout the duration of their lease. In turn, landlords need to ensure the condition of the home is in rentable condition before the prospective tenants look at the home or move into it.
Here are Five tips for getting the home “rent ready”


Make sure the grass is cut, bushes are trimmed, weeds are pulled. Complete an inspection of the home noting anything on the exterior of the home, dead trees, trash, or stains on the driveway. If possible use low maintenance landscaping to reduce costs. If landscaping is required ensure that the company is licensed and insured.

Professional cleaning

Before the tenants move in hire a professional company to clean the property from top to bottom. Moving appliances and cleaning behind the fridge and stove, taking down the blinds to clean, getting the baseboards are important. You want to ensure you deliver the home in good condition to avoid any disputes or unhappy tenants.


Patch any holes in the wall and Select a neutral color that will appeal to a wide variety of prospective tenants like Sherwin Williams “Swiss Coffee”.

Carpet cleaning/Flooring

If you have carpet in the home hire a professional company to do a sanitized clean. If possible try to select hardwood, laminate, or pergo for floors especially in the bathroom areas. These materials will last longer and have less wear as the years go by and tenants move in and out.


Change the air filters, check screens, ensure smoke detectors are working and up to code, check all of the light bulbs, make sure the water in each room is working, test appliances and complete a final inspection to make sure nothing was missed. You can find information about CA law regarding property management on the BRE website.
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