Tenant FAQ

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions prospective tenants ask:

How much notice must a tenant give when they want to vacate a property?

California requires tenants to give 30-day written notice. The 30-day notice can be served at anytime for a month to month agreement or 30-days prior to the expiration of a lease for a lease term agreement.

After I move out, how long will it take to return my security deposit?

We return the security deposit as quickly as possible. By law, we have 21 days to assess damages to the property and make necessary repairs. If damage is beyond normal wear and tear, you will be contacted by us directly prior to the 21 day mark.

Why do I need renters insurance?

Tenants need to acquire renter insurance to cover many liabilities that they are exposed to. Renters are responsible for everything that happens inside their rental unit or on their rented property. Here are some examples of why you should have renters insurance: A flood destroys all your personal property. A neighbor throws a ball through your window. A criminal steals your personal belongings. A fire burns down your unit. A friend hurts their self in your property and sues you.

How do I reset a garbage disposal?

Most garbage disposals have a reset button you can use this button to reset the garbage disposal. An Allen wrench is needed to reset others. Please make sure to keep your hands out of the garbage disposal at all times and the breaker is off for the disposal.

How Long is the turnaround time to hear back from a maintenance request?

Typically within 24-48 hours if submitted Monday- Friday from 9am-5pm. Any requests submitted on the weekends will be returned on Monday. This does not necessarily mean the repair work has been scheduled by then. Please return the call when a vendor tries to schedule with you.

What Should I do if I want to make changes to my unit?

Tenant agrees not to make alterations to the Property without Landlords prior written consent. Such alterations include without limitation; painting, wallpapering, adding security systems or changing locks.

How Do I obtain a copy of my credit report?

AppFolio, Inc. 50 Castilian Dr. Santa Barbara, CA 93117 Toll free: (866) 359-3630

How do I complete and turn in my move in inspection form?

Pacific’s Move-in/ Move-out report documents the condition of the home upon pre move-in. It is the Tenant’s responsibility within the first 10 days of tenancy to cross check and report additional pre-existing problems not noted or possibly missed during the inspection.

Security deposit refund?

When you notify our offices of your intent to vacate we recommend you schedule a move-out inspection two full weeks prior to your move date. This will allow a member of our team to look over your rental unit and identify potential red flags that could cause you to lose part of your deposit. An additional inspection will occur when you vacate the premises. Any damage identified during this inspection will be repaired at your expense, with deductions coming from the security deposit. We will return any remaining funds within 21 days, as mandated by California law.

Who has to be listed on the Lease Agreement?

All persons 18 years or older that will be living in the residence.

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