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We attract, screen, and retain the best Carlsbad tenants.

Tenant Screening and Placement Leads to Better and More Profitable Rental Experiences.

Tenants have a huge impact on the type of rental experience you’ll have as a landlord and investor. Good tenants lead to more money and less stress. Bad tenants – the opposite. We’re focused on finding, screening, and retaining the best residents for your Carlsbad property.

At Pacific Property Management and Sales, we balance developing and nurturing positive tenant relationships with accountability. It’s why we lead this industry.

Qualifying Criteria

We don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Not ours, not yours, and not the time of prospective tenants. Our qualifying rental criteria lets potential applicants know exactly what we’re looking for when we evaluate applications. This ensures that only qualified tenants apply. It also keeps us objective and consistent while we screen.

Verifying Income

It starts with income. Can the applicant afford the rental price we’ve decided on? The only way to know this is to evaluate their income, and we don’t just take their word for it; we ask for pay stubs or tax records or bank statements. We want to see that the tenant can afford to pay rent on time, every month. It’s the most important part of tenant screening.

Eviction History

Renting to a tenant with a history of evictions is risky. We prefer tenants who have not been forced out of their homes, and we conduct a national eviction search to ensure that the risk is not too much when we approve a tenant for your Carlsbad rental property. We keep our eviction rate extremely low, and this is one of the reasons we’re able to do that.

Credit and Finances

Checking credit is a no-brainer. But, we look at more than just the credit score. We dig into credit history and evaluate debt, bill payment, and whether or not there are any red flags such as money owed to former landlords. We don’t need perfect credit. We do need responsible credit.

Rental References

Taking the time to talk with current and former landlords is a worthy endeavor. No one can tell us how a tenant will perform better than someone who has rented to them already. We ask about on-time rental payments, property damage, pets, and whether or not the lease agreement was respected.

Fair Housing

Our Carlsbad tenant screening process is robust and in-depth. It’s also compliant with all fair housing laws. We take our commitment to fair housing seriously. Everything is documented, consistent, and transparent. We care only about an applicant’s qualifications.

Tenant Relationships in Carlsbad, California

Vacancy is expensive, and we want to avoid it with a fast, efficient leasing process. But, we won’t cut corners. We won’t settle for just any tenant. We want a qualified tenant. Someone who will pay rent on time, treat your property with care, and be easy to work with. We want a responsible renter who respects the terms of the lease.

Our data tells the story. We collect rent on time, we avoid eviction, and we renew lease agreements year after year because we place great tenants. Contact us at Pacific Property Management & Sales and we’ll get your property rented to reliable residents.

Crystal Bell
Crystal Bell
19:34 01 Nov 18
I just moved into our new home in Carlsbad and am very happy with my experience. We contacted Mark for the showing and... he was very professional and polite. He was on top of everything from preparing a welcome letter telling me exactly what needed to be done for a smooth move in. He followed up with me after I moved in to see how everything went with my move. Overall I am very happy with the more
Tom Jones
Tom Jones
17:32 26 Oct 18
I am an agent in Carlsbad and three years ago my clients bought an investment property that they wanted to rent out. ... I referred them to Pacific Property Management and they did a great job marketing and advertising the property. They were able to find tenants with great credit in less than a week. My clients were very happy for several years. They are getting ready to sell and they referred my clients back to me. I will always send my clients to Pacifc property management knowing my clients will be well taken care more
Cherry White
Cherry White
19:42 25 Oct 18
I was managing my property in Carlsbad on my own for 4 years with no issues, however recently our tenants stopped... paying rent and we didn't know what to do. We have had a good relationship with them but I feel they started taking advantage of us so we knew we needed to hire a professional company that were knowledgeable of the laws and we just didn't want to deal with it anymore. Now each month we receive the rent directly into our account and we are so happy we don't have to worry about anything that comes up at the property or the tenants. They communicate with us if a repair is over $350 which puts my mind at more
Tim Weber
Tim Weber
20:55 19 Jun 18
I have been a tenant for Pacific Property Management & Sales in Carlsbad and have had a great experience. They are a... family business which you can tell by the attention they give to their customers. I love that they have a tenant portal where I could pay rent online which was very helpful. We just moved out because we bought a house and they offered us an initial inspection and told us exactly what to expect upon move more
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